Our Story

Tavern Troupe

Long, Long Ago...

There existed a small group of bards, mostly young, but quite wild and exciting as well as entertaining. This group of friends all enjoyed writing songs and plays, and would sometimes sing them in the streets of Crossing as many bards do, but discovered that the general public didn’t seem to share their enjoyment of their performances. They began to wonder how they could find audiences that would enjoy hearing and watching the group perform. Being young bards, they were constantly broke, and lacking of even enough coins to buy their instruments, they also wondered how they would be able to make a living with their bardic talents.

Then, the day came when they met at a Tavern and after much commiserating over their situation, they decided to form a performing troupe. They wrote some plays and songs specifically for them to perform as a group, and instead of singing songs in the streets, they sang to offer the troupe’s entertainment to any who may wish to hire them. Eventually, a patron overheard their songs of advertisement and offered to hire the group of young bards to perform at his wedding. Well, the bards were a huge hit with the guests, and their patron rewarded them handsomely, both in coins and in gifts. While many of the guests were leaving the wedding, they asked the groom where he found such an entertaining bunch of merrymakers. The groom simply replied, ‘I found them in a Tavern, the Troupe of the Tavern you might say!’ Well, lo and behold, the happy group of young bard friends soon had folks inquiring of the ‘Troupe of the Taverns’ to entertain at their own weddings or parties. Rapidly they discovered their talents were being engaged more and more frequently.

Other bards began to hear of the success and fun of the ‘Tavern Troupe’ as well, and the small group of friends turned into a larger and larger group of friends, with many more new and exciting ideas for plays, songs and performances. As the troupe stands today, it has amassed credits of performances at engagements such as Prince Vorclaf’s and Bellenderick’s Costume Ball, the Traders’ Guild Ball and Dinner/Date Auction, The Memorial Service for Prince Bellenderick, The First Annual Apostle Reunion Party, The Rakash Moot 396, and a multitude of fine weddings and parties.

Through their continued efforts the Tavern Troupe has become a widely recognized performing organization of the realms, and is known throughout the lands as an order full of talented and fun-loving individuals.


We strive to carry on the fine tradition established by our founders as we bring entertainment, enlightenment and enjoyment to all citizens of Elanthia. You can be part of the ongoing story by joining us as a Member of the Troupe, supporting our efforts by becoming a Patron, or by commissioning a custom performance for your next special event.