by Casimira Vadrozsa


By the horn’s brave sound, I’m often called
To defend all those in need
And I find the will to carry on
In the strength of your love for me

Though I’m tired and battle-weary
Your name I whisper with each breath
Wait for me, for I’ll return
Defying certain death

And when my limbs grow cold at last
My heart still beats beneath
For my love will long survive this life
As a sword outlives its sheath


Come back to me, my dearest one
Don’t give up the fight
No foe will ever leave a mark
That my love cannot put right

I’ll lay my hand upon your brow
And take away your pain
I’ll mend the wounds that brought you down
And make you whole again

Though I can’t always protect you
Or keep you safe from every harm
Love will always bring you back
To the shelter of my arms