My Gypsy Love

by Casimira Vadrozsa

One day as I was wandering
Alone in the forest glade
I came across a caravan
And a lovely gypsy maid

I told my Da, when I got home
Of the beauty I had seen
And how I wished to win her love
And bring her home with me

A gypsy’s heart is wild and free
He said with a wistful smile
If you stray close enough to capture it
You’ll find you are the one beguiled

But I was young and foolish then
And considered life a game
I believed that love was nothing more
than a possession to be claimed

And so I returned to the wood
With my violin in hand
I’d win her with my melodies
Or so I had foolishly planned

I found her dancing by a fire
Spinning round the flames
Her skirt a blur of vibrant hues
Her hair a wild mane

Slowly I began to play for her
One fervent goal in mind
I’d play so sweetly that the notes
‘Round her heart would entwine

As the music swelled, she gazed at me
And a spell slowly took shape
We were caught in the magic surrounding us
Which neither could escape

Now I am drawn again and again
Like a moth to her flame
A prisoner to the passion and love
That once I sought to tame

My father’s words echo back to me
From days now long gone by
As we dance and play in the firelight
My gypsy love and I