The Ballad of Lasika

by Tirost Armagna

O sing, my dancing, happy muse,
Whose feet on sunshine tap
Of tales from hapless Lasika,
Who goat’s milk loves to lap,

Begin the tale in days gone by
‘Fore Lasi’s mane was shaved
When missions she and all her team
Fought for matters then most grave.

Though Lasika and her trusted friends,
Of Prydaens and Rakash,
And others who perhaps like me
Came from different stock,

Tracked a dang’rous necroman
Through paths of Therengia,
But spent more time with drink at Inns
Than in fights for Kermoria,

If Lasika you’ve seen or met,
You know she has great charm,
But then she was, or so I’m told,
One to raise alarm

From all true folk of virtue,
Who felt the tug of lust
For the stories of her in those days
Would make the maidens blush!

And while drinking with her mates
One night, by an abby at an Inn,
She met a gorgeous Rakash gal
And seduced her with her grin –

Or, my happy, laughing muse,
Had it more to do with drink?
But let us not split many hairs,
For she left Lasi with a wink.

So late that night, swift Lasika
Took her hook and rope,
And scaled the wall that stood between
Her and the heart she’d smote.

And crept she through the abby
Where her lovely Rakash slept,
And swiftly through the abby’s halls,
Into her lover’s bed she swept.

Waking with her soft caress,
Lasi took her lover’s hand,
And the two then made their way
To make good on Lasi’s plan!

O radiant muse, who sings all things,
Hint but do not tell!
Of all the wild, passionate things
Which that night befell

Those lovers sweet in moonlight,
‘Tween Pryd’n and Rakash
That but for the empath’s touch
Would still mark Lasika!

And when the morning sun arose,
And the abby stirred to life,
What Las had thought a storage place
Was the abbots chambers nigh,

And though deaf to all the night before
The impassioned, wild cries
Still, though old, the abbot had
The working of his eyes,

And he took Lasi by the ear
And cast her out from there,
But she regretted not a bit
What she and her lover shared.

O thank you, brilliant Lasika
For the food you feed my muse!
She hopes to do you honor
With this song we sing for you!