For the Celebration of the Ilithi Culture

by Tirost Armagna

I thank you for the privilege
To sing my muse’s song
Though I am not Ilithi,
My heart belongs to one.

So let me weave with verdant words
A garland for this faire
With every word a blossom
For all of us to share.

For though our past is checkered
With drops of bitter blood,
Between us all I do believe
There is still hope for love!

For heroes do I see here!
With swords and bows and staffs,
And healers and performers,
with wits that make me laugh!

And though Ilithi culture
Is more than any single race,
Let me sing of elven folk
Who shape our current age,

For when dread forces seek to march
Folk in chains do they prefer,
It is a warrior’s honor
To cast spells with Mordimer,

And after hard fought victory,
Drink a cup of something strong,
With charismatic Synamon
While Allye sings a song!

Or debate a magic theory
With Voyle or Kehlbins wise,
Or take my wounds to Kaelie
When I cannot find my wife.

And Lydena and Bellicia
Make sure we’re never bored,
They share artistic genius
Like no others in the world!

O folk of fair Ilithi!
And this city, brilliant Shard
May gods rain upon you blessings!
May you shine ever like a star!

Let not the past our future dim
With prejudice and hate,
But dream what we together
United will create!

And when we’ve come together
We’ve been nothing less than great
And these fair times we live in now
Are Elanthi’s golden age!