Remmy the Gnome

by Bellicia Silver-Seord

Cast of Characters:


​The Narrator dances into view as the spotlight follows her across the stage. She takes her spot on her stool that is placed on the front right corner of the stage and smiles.

​The Narrator grins widely.

The Narrator recites:

Welcome to the Tavern Troupe’s production of Remmy the Gnome. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

The Narrator gets a book from her book bag.

The Narrator grins.

The Narrator opens her book.

​The Narrator smiles widely as she set the book down on her lap and begins to read.

The Narrator dramatically recites:

Once upon a time there was a poor ranger, who was very very proud of her empath daughter. She was a very pretty girl and her mother thought she was the prettiest girl in the world.

​The Narrator dramatically recites:

She was smart, but her mother thought she was the smartest child around.

The Narrator dramatically recites:

But most of all, she was sweet and kind and good, but her mother thought she was the best all around. The woman loved to brag and talk about her whenever she could.

​The Mother proudly walks onto the stage and looks around to see who will listen to her.

​The Mother says:

She can swim like a fish. She can sing like a bird. She can do anything. She can make any remedies in the book. She can do anything. She can even braid grass into gold!

​Narrator excitedly asks:
Wait, What? What did you say?

​The Mother glances at the narrator with annoyance.

​The Mother says:

She can braid grass into gold!

​The Narrator looks out in surprise at the audience.

Narrator curiously asks:

Wow! Did you hear that?

​The Narrator recites:

Well many villagers heard her brag. So they ran off to tell the King. When the King heard about the gold girl, he sent for her mother immediately.

​The King strokes his chin and ponders.

The King cautiously says:

I heard you have a daughter that can do many unusual things.

​The Mother looks around and breaks out in a big grin.

​The Mother proudly says:

Yes! She can swim like a fish. She can sing like a bird. She can do anything. She can make any remedies in the book.

​The King grins in amusement

The King softly says:

Yes, yes, so I’ve heard. I hear she braids grass into gold.

The Mother says:


​The King stares at the Mother.

The King flatly asks:

Does she or doesn’t she?

​The Mother says:
Umm… Umm…

The King asks:

Is it really true? Can she really braid grass into gold?

​The Mother frets.

The Mother says quietly:

Well, yes, of course she can.

The King grins widely.

The King loudly says:

You must bring her to me. I want to see this for myself.

The Narrator recites:

So the Mother went home and told her daughter that the King wanted to meet her.

​The Stagehand closes the curtain. A few minutes later the curtain opens and you a see a small cottage off in the distance and a young maiden talking to her Mother.

The Daughter frets.

The Daughter asks nervously:

The King? He wants to meet me?

​The Mother gently pats her daughter

​The Mother softly says:

He wants to hear you sing.

​The Daughter gawks.

​The Daughter nervously asks:

What? Me? Sing? Sing for the King? How can I sing for the King?

The Narrator recites:

The King wanted to see for himself that she could braid grass into gold. So the mother took her off to the palace.

​The Narrator shakes her head.

​The Narrator softly says:

I sure feel sorry for her.

The King walks onto the stage in a proud and commanding way.

​The King loudly says:

So you are the one who braids grass into gold!

The Daughter gawks.

The Daughter wobbles.

The Daughter asks nervously:

Braid grass into gold? Who told you that? I can NOT braid grass into gold.

​The Daughter looks pleadingly at her mother with tears in her eyes.

​The Daughter softly says:

Tell him mother, tell him please.

The Daughter weeps.

​The Mother hugs the Daughter

​The Mother softly says:

Do the best you can my child.

​The mother waves goodbye and walks off the stage leaving the maiden there with the King and his guards as the curtain closed behind her.

The Narrator recites:
So the King led the girl to a small dark room in the tower of his palace. When they arrived, the King had a large smile upon his face. She looked around and saw nothing but a huge pile of grass.

The Stagehand opens the curtain and you see the maiden in a small cell piled high with grass.

The King grins as he points and shows the maiden the piles of grass.

​The King says:

Here is the grass you must braid into gold! If you can not, you will die!

The Narrator shakes her head.

​The Narrator says:

What a crazy punishment for such a poor helpless girl if she can not do the impossible.

​The Daughter bawls.

​The Daughter sits on the floor in the middle of the room as she cries.

​The Daughter helplessly says:

What am I to do? I can not braid grass into gold. That is impossible. Oh, someone, somewhere, help me please!

The Daughter screams as she kicks the pile of grass in the center of the floor.

​The Narrator recites:

The girl sat there feeling helpless and began to cry. Suddenly, the door opened, and in danced a tiny little gnome. She was dressed all in silver from head to toe. Her silver stockings and silver shoes sparkled when she moved. She spoke to the girl in a friendly voice.

​The gnome pops into view with a flash of bright silver light!

Remmy cheeryfully says:

Hi! Don’t cry.

The Daughter looks around in shock and amazement.

​The Daughter hesitantly asks:

What? WHO are you?

Remmy smiles at the Daughter.

​Remmy sweetly says:

It does not matter who I am, but why are you crying, my dear?

The Daughter weeps.

​The Daughter hopelessly says:

I am just a simple country girl, but I must braid grass into gold by tomorrow or I will die.

Remmy gawks.

Remmy asks:

Who said that?

The Daughter sighs.

​The Daughter matter-of-factly says:

The King.

Remmy nods wisely.

Remmy says slowly:

I see, but what will you do for me if I help you?

​The Daughter happily asks:

You can braid grass into gold?

Remmy confidently says:
Of course I can.

Remmy carefully says:

What will you do for me, if I do this for you?

​The Daughter ponders.

The Daughter says sweetly:

Oh, let’s see. What can I give you? Here, my necklace. Take my special necklace.

​The Daughter removes her necklace and gives it to Remmy.

​The Daughter settles herself in the center of room to watch Remmy braid the grass into gold.

​Remmy hums.

​The Narrator recites:

Remmy took the necklace and put it into her pocket, sat down and began to braid. As the gnome braided the grass she began to hum and sing. This put the girl to sleep.

​The Narrator recites:

When she awoke, the gnome and the whole pile of grass was gone! The room was filled with gold Kronars. A few moments later, the door opened up and the king walked in.

​The King walks on to the stage in amazement at the sight of all the gold.

The King happily says:

Grass into gold. What a beautiful thing, you have done for the King! Now you must do it again or else you shall die!

​The Daughter whimpers.

​The Daughter weeps.

​The Daughter says sadly:

I can NOT braid grass into gold. Please understand I can not do it!

The King stares at the Daughter.

​The King dryly says:

You did it once, you can do it again!

The King grabs the maiden’s arm and drags her off stage.

The Narrator sadly recites:

So the greedy King brought the girl to a larger room with even more grass and told her to braid all of the grass into straw. The girl again sat down and began to cry.

​The Daughter bawls.

​The Daughter helplessly says:

What am I going to do now? I really do not want to die! Please little gnome, whoever you are, come back and help me please.

​The Daughter paces around the room waiting for the gnome to arrive.

The Narrator recites:

A few moments later, the little gnome was at her side. She was bouncing all around, like a silver bouncing ball.

Remmy pats the maiden on the shoulder.

​Remmy cheerfully says:

Hi! Do not cry. I will help you again.

​Remmy asks:

What will you give me this time?

The Daughter smiles.

The Daughter sweetly says:

Oh, let me see. Here, take my ring. It once belonged to my father.

The Daughter removes her ring and offers it to Remmy.

Remmy takes the ring and wears it.

​Remmy hums.

The Narrator calmly recites:

So the gnome took her ring, put it on her finger, sat down and began to hum and braid. Once again, the girl fell asleep and awoke to a room full of golden strands. The King came in again shortly after and he was very pleased with his new fortune.

​The King walks into the room and blinks his eyes in amazement.

​The King happily says:

You have done it again! I’ve never seen such a thing in my life!

The King kneels.

The King softly says:

Do it again and I will make you my wife. You will be the Queen of the land.

The Daughter gasps.

​The Daughter asks:

Your wife?

​The Daughter blinks her eyes and is taken back by the idea of becoming the Queen.

​The King takes the maiden’s hand and kisses it softly.

​The King sweetly says:

Yes, you have done it twice, you can do it again. When it is done you shall be my bride.

​The King stands.

​The King takes the maiden gently by the hand and walks her to another room.

​The Narrator sighs.

​The Narrator recites:

The King took the girl to a very large room, easily three times as big as the one before. Every corner of the room was filled with more grass to be braided.

​The Narrator recites:

So for the third day in a row, the poor girl was locked into a room full of grass. She sat down and began to cry again. She looked all around, in every corner and nook, hoping to find her friend the gnome.

​The Daughter sighs.

​The Daughter hopefully says:

I hope this works. Come out, Come out wherever you are. Whoever you are. I need you now. Come back, come back!

​The Daughter searches around the room for the little gnome.

​The Narrator smiles as she looks out at the audience.

​The Narrator recites:

Sure enough, a few minutes later the small gnome was at her side.

​The Daughter beams.

The Daughter smiles at the silver gnome.

​The Daughter hopefully says:

Please, dear gnome. Can you do it again? Just one more time, and I’ll be Queen.

The Daughter begs the gnome to help her.

​Remmy ponders.

​Remmy happily says:

You will be Queen! I see…

​Remmy asks:

But what shall you do for me?

The Daughter ponders.

The Daughter says:

I have given you my necklace and my ring. I have nothing left to give you now, but when I am Queen…

​The Daughter grins at the gnome.

​Remmy smiles.

​Remmy asks:

What will I get once you are Queen?

​The Daughter says:


​Remmy slowly asks:


The Daughter paces.

The Daughter says:

Gold, silver, diamonds, pearls…

Remmy shrugs.

Remmy says:

You can keep all that! I am quite lonely.

Remmy says:

I know, I will take your firstborn child!

​The Daughter gawks.

The Daughter asks:

You want my firstborn child? NEVER! NO!

​Remmy scoffs.

​Remmy angrily says:

If your answer is no, then I will go.

Remmy gazes straight into the air and looks rather annoyed.

​The Narrator covers her eyes with her hand.

The Narrator looks at the audience and says, “I thought the mother was bad but…”

​The Narrator recites:

With a frown and a gulp, the young maiden finally agreed to the gnome’s request.

​The Narrator recites:

The gnome got to work braiding the grass into gold. Just as before, she fell asleep as she worked. In the morning when she awoke, the grass was gone and the room was full of gold and the King was standing next to her. He took her by the hand and swept her into a dance.

​The King sweeps the Daughter into a dance.

​The King sweetly says:

You have done all that I have asked, You shall be my Queen.

The King kneels down and takes the maiden’s hand and kisses it gently.

​The King hopefully asks:

Will you marry me and be my queen?

​The Stagehand closes the curtain and when it reopens a year has past and we see a large nursery room.

The Narrator grins widely.

The Narrator happily recites:

So the girl married the King and forgot about the terrible promise she had given to the gnome. After a year, they had a beautiful daughter.

​The Narrator recites:

One morning, the young Queen went to the nursery and noticed the door was open. The thought of past words came flooding into her mind, “You shall give me your firstborn child!”.

​The Narrator guardedly recites:

She slowly walked into the nursery to find the tiny gnome standing next to the baby’s cradle.

​Remmy stands in the middle of the stage looking around the nursery for the infant.

Remmy asks:

Where is the child?

Remmy loudly says:

I have come for the child!

The Queen screams.

The Queen shouts:

NO! NO! NO! you can not have my child! Take anything you want, but do NOT take my baby.

The Queen bawls.

The Queen holds her daughter close and refuses to let her go.

​Remmy scoffs.

Remmy angrily says:

You promised me a child!

Remmy loudly says:

I am taking that child!

Remmy reaches out to take the baby.

The Queen whimpers.

The Queen helplessly says:

There must be something else that you need?

Remmy sighs.

Remmy says:

Alright, if you like. We can play a game, but you will have only once chance.

Remmy says:

You must guess my name.

Remmy says:

You have three days, or the child will be mine.

The Queen ponders.

The Queen says:

Wait, don’t go. Guess your name? What do you mean? How will I ever guess your name?

Remmy loudly says:

You have three days!

Remmy holds up three fingers and then disappears in a silver flash of light!

​The Narrator recites:

The little gnome disappeared in a puff of smoke and the Queen was left alone trying to think of all the names she could. She made a list starting with the letter A.

The Narrator sighs.

The Narrator recites:

On the evening of the first day, the little gnome came and listened to her try to guess her name but she got them all wrong. Finally the gnome spoke.

Remmy smiles.

Remmy cheerfully says:

I will give you a clue. It starts with the letter R.

The Queen ponders.

The Queen says:

The letter R you say? I must think of a name that starts with R. Let’s see, is it Rose or Rally, or Rudy or Rig?

Remmy laughs.

Remmy says:

Not even close. You have two more days to figure it out.

Remmy disappears again in a silver flash of light!

The Narrator recites:
The second day came to an end with no more luck than the first. It turns out the Queen was a terrible guesser.

​The Narrator recites:

So the Queen sent her messengers all over the land to search for clues to the name. On the afternoon of the third day, one of her messengers came running into the palace.

​The Messenger enters, walking as one does after almost three days sitting on a saddle.

​The Messenger pants.

​The Messenger grins happily.

​The Messenger excitedly says:

I was riding in the forest and saw the oddest sight.

The Messenger says:

Deep in the woods, next to a small hill I found a house. In front of the house I saw a fire. In front of the fire I saw, I saw…

The Queen gawks.

The Queen asks curiously:

What did you see?

​The Messenger grins widely.

​The Messenger says:

I saw a woman, a tiny woman.. Dressed all in silver from head to toe. She said a word I have never heard…

The Queen grins.

The Queen asks:

What was that the word you heard?

The Messenger quickly says:

Remmy! She was singing the name Remmy as she danced happily around the fire.

​The Stagehand closes the curtain and reopens it with the stage resembling a forest meadow. In the middle of the meadow is a little hut.

The Narrator smiles.

The Narrator calmly recites:

So the Messenger and the Queen hurried to the forest, and hid near the house. In front of the house a fire was burning, and around the fire was the gnome dancing and chanting.

Remmy dances happily in a little circle.

​Remmy sings:

Today’s the day!

Tonight’s the night!

Tomorrow, I’ll take the young Queen’s child!

The child is mine!

I won the game!

Remmy the Gnome is my name!

​The Narrator recites:

Hearing this the Queen ran swiftly back to the palace to wait for the gnome to appear.

​Remmy pops into the room in a puff of silver smoke!

Remmy smiles gleefully.

Remmy says:

Your time is up! I have come for the child.

Remmy asks:

Or have you guessed my name?

The Queen ponders.

​The Queen sighs.

​The Queen grins widely.

​The Queen says:

There are sooo many names that start with R.

​Remmy smiles mischeviously.

Remmy says:

I will give you a second clue. The second letter is an E.

​The Queen smiles.

​The Queen says:

Let me see, it starts with an R, and is followed by E. The next letters must be…M M Y. Remmy the Tiny Gnome!

​The Queen beams.

​Remmy gawks.

​Remmy shrieks.

​Remmy sadly asks:

What!? I lost the game!?

Remmy asks:

How did you figure out my name? You have won and we are done!

​The Narrator happily recites:

With a loud bang and a puff of smoke the tiny gnome began to spin like a silver blur around the room. After a moment she was gone and all that remained was a small silver pin.

​The Narrator happily recites:

The Queen put the child to bed for the night. She often told the story and showed the pin of the tiny gnome named Remmy.

​The Narrator closes her book and smiles as she taps a small silver pin she is wearing.

​The Narrator polishes a small silver pin she’s wearing as she stands up and walks to the center of the stage.

​The Narrator recites:

This was the tale of Remmy the Gnome. Our time here is done, and I hope you had fun. Thank you for attending our Production.