The Fall of Lyras

by Tirost Armagna

Cast of Characters:


The Narrator recites:
The curtain opens to reveal a secret cavern in Lyras’ camp. Skulls and candles line the cavern walls and in its center stands the dread necromancer.

Lyras chants:

So secure these bleating sheep
Though they know nothing of the deep
That lies beyond this plane abiding
Where fearsome demons hunt and creep.

Though errant fools have killed me once
This new found power I now flaunt
From greater being than Meraud
Shall blaze across this world I haunt

And cast I off my mortal cares
Of mercy, hope and all that’s fair
And make this world a sacrifice
And let all taste of my despair!

Lyras cackles deep in her throat, her voice rising in chilling laughter.

The Narrator recites:
Lyras turns and leaves the cavern. A moment later, Morgeron emerges from the shadows.

Morgeron chants:
O, Lyras! Your power none deny,
But now too far, you’ve lost yourself
And view all now with Hunger’s eye
Far beyond all mortal help

And so to save our magic blest
Though mixed and oft misunderstood
The philosophers will never rest
Though it should end with knife and blood!

Morgeron draws out a dark steel dagger from an assassin’s sheath.

The Narrator recites:
The curtain falls. In a moment, the curtain rises on the scene of a rushing waterfall behind a lush green meadow, where three figures stand near each other on stage.

Malzard chants:
Keep these lessons close, Dimore
For soon enough you’ll have no more
But for now — hey! Pay heed!
I speak not for my pleasure! Sheesh!

Dimore chants:
Your voice, dear Malz, is sweet to hear,
But I must at Asrea leer
Since Elotheans have ice in veins,
But we men feel impassioned strains!

Asrea chants:
Keep your prattle to yourself, Dimore
And learn you from good Malzard’s Lore.
A silly man is not for me
‘Sides prophet’s say my touch is key
To end this foolish, bloody war,
And to this world balance restore.

Dimore scoffs.

Dimore chants:
You elders think you know so much
But lack you both a wilder touch.
When I see Lyras, I’ll break her quick,
And all maidens me will not forgit.

Asrea sighs.

Malzard chuckles.

Malzard chants:
Your courage I admire –
But more than that ’twill take,
To keep us all from falling,
Swallowed up in Lyras’ hate.

The Narrator recites:
A loud rumble booms through the theater.

Asrea chants:
Did you hear that sound?
This surely bodes not well.

The Narrator recites:
There is a flash of white light from the left side of the stage.

Malzard chants:
Great magics are nearby released!
Let us go with all our haste!

The Narrator recites:
The three companions exit stage left, and the curtain quickly falls. After a few moments, the curtain rises to reveal the mouth of an ominous cave and some smoking wreckage on the right side of the stage. Lyras stands before Malzard, Asrea and Dimore.

Lyras cackles!

Asrea chants:
By the gods! What is this?
Are my eyes deceived by horrid mist?
What lies in yonder smoking hole?
With gore and blood in ghastly pool!

Malzard gazes at Lyras silently.

Dimore glances at a huge smoking pit.

Dimore reels.

Dimore chants:
I’m not sure that I can fight —
My head — it feels a little light.

Lyras chants:
Meraud has sent his greatest force
And I have sunk him to the floor
None will ‘scape my demon wrath
And fade ye now forever more!

Lyras mutters a foul-sounding phrase, preparing her spell.

Lyras gestures at Malzard.

Malzard casts a counter ward and barely deflects Lyras’ spell!

Dimore roars a battle cry and charges!

Asrea chants:
Dimore! No, wait!

Lyras slashes Dimore with her scythe nearly cutting him in half!

Malzard chants:
No! Not he!

Lyras grins wickedly.

Lyras chants:
So with my foes ’twill ever be.

Malzard steeples his fingers together and mutters an arcane phrase.

Malzard pulls a small pin from his hair and drops it on the ground.

Lyras chants:
Pathetic mage! Is this your best?

Malzard gestures at Lyras and a hair pin blasts through the air, ripping through Lyras’ shoulder!

Lyras roars with rage!

Lyras is stunned!

Malzard chants:
Quick, Asrea, get to Dimore!

Lyras runs into the cave.

Malzard follows Lyras into the cave.

Asrea kneels beside Dimore.

Dimore shakes his head.

Dimore chants:
No, Asrea, this is my fate
To be swallowed by dark Lyras’ hate.
You foresaw my dire end,
But Elanthia’s fate is yours to bend.
Let me die, but make the bond
That yet can bring a hopeful dawn.

Dimore dies.

Asrea begins to weep softly.

The Narrator recites:
The curtain falls on Asrea beside the body of Dimore. After a few moments, the curtain rises to reveal a cavern lined with skulls and candles.

Lyras strides into the cave. Malzard follows swiftly behind her.

Lyras chants:
You surprised me once, Elothean mage,
But I shall end you with my rage
Feel you not my void of strength?
I see that now your body quakes!

Lyras traces a demonic sigil in the air.

Lyras gestures at Malzard.

Malzard is stunned!

Malzard drops to his knees.

Lyras flashes an evil grin.

Lyras chants:
People speak of love and friends,
Of beauty and all happy things
But all I feel is hunger pain,
And seek with me our world to end!

Morgeron leaps out of hiding and gestures at Lyras!

Morgeron chants:
With this spell I break your bond,
And sever links to worlds beyond!
For you, to Hunger, already died,
And betrayed th’ necromancer’s pride!

Lyras grabs Morgeron by the throat and lifts him off his feet!

Morgeron gags!

Lyras chants:
Necros have no pride but me!
The Hunger will all creation be!
You may have now my spells suppressed,
But know you now the strength of lich!

Asrea leaps out of hiding and touches Lyras!

Lyras shrieks!

Morgeron slinks into the shadows.

Asrea chants:
I bind you Lyras to myself,
For you have taken countless souls
And for your crimes deserve a hell
Where only eyes in pain do roll!

Rise you now! True Malazard!
Your pupil walks the road of stars
To give us this, our only chance
To restore for now the gods’ balance!

Malzard leaps to his feet!

Malzard raises an arm skyward, chanting.

Malzard chants:
Now Lyras lich, most dire cruel,
I banish you with lunar spell
Who gave up all to be a tool
And lost yourself for power fell.

Malzard gestures at Lyras! A crackling stream of energy flies at Lyras!

Lyras falls to the ground, stunned!

Asrea kneels beside Lyras and touches her softly.

Asrea chants:
O what is this!? Another mind!
It threatens to take over mine,
But I with all my might resist
For freedom is gods’ greatest gift!

Asrea falls and lies unconscious.

Malzard kneels beside Asrea.

The Narrator recites:
The body of Lyras spasms again and again, her torso rising and falling violently, as though the relentless heavenly blaze is pounding breath into the unliving creature. A dark red-tinged fluid drips from the pores on her skin.

With a final spasm, Lyras opens her eyes! The glassy black, pupilless, unseeing orbs manage to glare defiance for one moment before the maelstrom of light raging around her tightens like a closing fist. Defiled flesh and bone become unraveled swiftly and melt into nothingness!

Malzard chants:
O pass, you soulless shadow dread!
And trouble no more infants’ beds
Or wreck with all your hungry hate
The lives of all the small and great,

For only demons need to feed
On others weak to fill their need,
For we are bound by love and glee
Though we suffer, we find relief,

And naught that you have done here wrong
Will stand but as a happy song
On the lips of those who be
Willing to die so to live free!

Malzard gestures. A moongate opens.

Malzard picks up Asrea and goes through a moongate.

The Narrator recites:
The curtain falls, and all of the lights in the theater are extinguished leaving an uneasy darkness. After a brief moment. The lights are relit, and the curtain rises to reveal the cast.